Video of the week: The ‘Willy Wonka’ of latte art

Mike Breach is a barista who goes way beyond hearts and leaves when he turns latte foam into art.

Watch this video and see how Breach makes faces, cityscapes and other images in the fragile space on top of a latte:

For more, check out Mike Breach’s Tumblr, Baristart.

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Video of the week: The three waves of American coffee

Watch the United States ride its love of caffeine through the post-war instant coffee craze all the way up to today’s artisan coffee connoisseurs. It’s a fun, informative clip:

For your consideration:

How have wars (notably World War II) influenced the way Americans consume their food and drink, including coffee?

In the video, Merry “Corky” White outlines three waves of American coffee consumption — and the most recent is the super-fine-tuned artisan coffee movement. What’s next?

(Video from Boston University. Hat tip: Smithsonian Magazine)