Statehouse emergency: The coffee fund runs dry


The Iowa House chamber is running a $1,400 deficit in an essential part of the budget — the communal coffee fund:

Lobbyists, as well as lawmakers, clerks, pages, doormen, staff and other Capitol regulars are asked to contribute $30 a year for the cost of brewing, flavoring, stirring and containing the coffee.

If coffee drinkers don’t cough up the money soon, the House clerk will have to consider discontinuing the service in a kind of caffeine sequestration. No one knows what kind of chaos would ensue in Iowa politics if that happened.

(I love that the writer of the article¬†about this notes that journalists who cover the Iowa House “tend either to drink tea or French-press their own coffee each morning.” But I’ve never known a journalist to pass up free coffee…)

Iowa state capitol image by Jim Bowen, Flickr Creative Commons.