Coffee rings: Around the web, 3.24.13

Fresh-brewed facts: 83 percent of Americans drink coffee, according to a new survey by the National Coffee Association. That’s a 5-point jump from the previous year’s survey. But Americans between 18 and 24 years old are actually drinking less coffee than before, with only 41 percent drinking it every day. (We, your two bloggers, are doing our part to raise that number.)

More from the same survey: After the U.S., what are the top two coffee-consuming countries? Brazil and Germany.

The other Portland: The artisan coffee roasting trend has made it to Maine. The Bangor Daily News article goes beyond basic summary and ventures into some analysis of the trend:.

All the roasters interviewed for this story said the exponential growth of Starbucks in the mid-’90s paved the way for a new wave of specialty, small-batch, artisan coffee production.

Starbucks made Americans to think about coffee differently, they said. It was a sea change in how people approached the drink. Coffee, once a means to a caffeinated end, was now an “experience,” or even a status symbol. [Read more.]

Just add water: A coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii has invented a coffee concentrate that’s sold in bottles — which, according to this article, helps the farmer to stay ahead of coffee berry borer bugs that have plagued his crops. The article doesn’t say how that all works.

Why drink two cups of coffee… When you can drink one cup that’s 200% caffeinated? Death Wish Coffee, “the world’s strongest coffee” and $20 per pound, has been a popular topic among bloggers and news outlets looking for a fun story.

[Kona coffee photo by Malcolm Manners, Flickr Creative Commons.]