Coffee and kittens: a growing cafe trend


Two of my favorite things in life happen to be coffee and cats, so when I came across this USA Today video on the latest Budapest trend of housing kittens in a cafe for customers to love on, I was instantly intrigued.

I mean, what is better than sipping on a latte while simultaneously cuddling an orange tabby?

Not much.

This trend, though, does come across as a bit unclean; however, the video addresses the cafe’s cat free kitchen and the shop’s insistence that customers wash their hands prior to and after touching the cats.

The video also interviews the cafe’s staff and customers on their views on the feline friendly project: to most, it’s relaxing.

Despite my willingness to drop my journalism career and initiate the first American cat cafe, I cannot see this type of coffee shop surviving in most cities.

Would you spend your lunch break at a coffee shop with kittens? Comment below.


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