Ethiopian coffee ritual important facet of culture


Here in the United States, we grab coffee with our closet friends to gab about gossip, life, and problems only to promptly return to whatever we were doing before.

But for Ethiopian women, a very precise and drawn out coffee ceremony allows them to bond with friends and family, according to a recent article posted by The Times of India.

“In Ethiopia, women do not have enough time. They work for 17 to 18 hours a day. The only time they have to themselves is during the coffee ceremony in the village. One woman prepares the coffee in her home and invites the other women of the village over,” Ethiopian Ambassador Genner Zewide explained to us in an interview.

The process, which can sometimes last between one and two hours, three times a day.

Moreover, this process is no blase affair. The coffee beans go through an extensive roasting ritual and are grounded on location. In Ethiopia, only women attend the ceremonies, but outside of the country men sometimes frequent the coffee ritual.

Have you ever participated in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony? What was it like?


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