Quality coffee an accessory for Cape Town consumers

cape town coffee

A strong coffee culture is no longer limited to quaint European cafes and hipster hot spots.

According to a recent article on CNN travel, Cape Town coffee shops quadrupled their caffeinated businesses between 2007 and 2012 with local coffee shop owners linking the change to the end of apartheid.

“Now that all races can travel, wherever they go, they get good coffee,” said coffee shop owner Anthony Swarz in the article.

Not only has coffee become something as a fashion statement in the South African city with business people having a signature orange and white cup delivered to their offices, residents have started to take pride in Africa being the main exporter for coffee beans, where Europe was formally viewed as the king of cappuccinos.

The shift in the country’s quality caffein consumption is mainly due to the dedication and passion local cafes devoted to premium coffee.

Thanks to the skilled roasters and barristas, good coffee may be had by all.


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